Rosaneli de Lima Fernandez & Daniela Wink Ruiz

About Dreams and Emotions

Emotions are considered one of the most difficult concepts to explain, although it is believed they are essential for understanding the behavior and functioning of human beings. Among other things, emotions generate energy to change what needs to be changed. Kast (1991, p.12) tells us that “Emotion is the way we experience ourselves” and Daniel (2020) complements by remembering that consciousness depends on the body in which emotions play a crucial role. There is no sense of self, that is, awareness without and therefore emotional experience.

This work aims to demonstrate the possibility of expanding consciousness from the sharing of emotions in a dream interpretation group. The dream groups were inspired by the work of Art Funkhouser whose objective is to explore the different emotions and images that the dream evokes with the help of the group asking questions and, based on the answers, providing suggestions about possible meanings of the dream.

In order to reach the expectation this work proposes, we will begin by briefly discussing the role of emotions in the development of consciousness and of the personality. Next, we will approach dreams as bridges for the development and improvement of the perception of emotions. And finally, we will expand the discussion through practical experience with presential and remote dream groups and the role of emotions in the development process of these groups. Based on the observations made, we intend to show that the group makes it easier to look at the emotions contained in the dream narrative in at least two ways: 1- The dream narrative itself that evokes the dreamer's emotions; 2- The group's emotional reaction impacts the dreamer and raises awareness of the dreamer's emotions. Finally, it is concluded that the group can be considered an aid in the individuation process.


Rosaneli de Lima Fernandez, clinical psychologist and International Jungian Analyst, accredited to C.G.Jung Institute Zürich, member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP). Specialist in Public Health - Faculdade de Saude Publica de SP - USP, Specialization Course in Jungian Approach - PUC São Paulo and Mental Health - Santa Casa de Misericordia de São Paulo. Co-coordinator of several dream groups, maintains a private practice in São Paulo, Brazil since 2005.

Daniela Wink Ruiz, diploma candidate at C.G.Jung Institute. Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, Jungian Nucleus – PUC, São Paulo. Co-coordinator of several dream groups. Maintains a private practice in São Paulo, Brazil.


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