Jolanta Kowal & Ewa Winkler

In Flames of Emotions – Challenges of Working Analytically in Extreme Times

During our speech, we will focus on reflection on analytical work during extreme times such as work in the face of war in Ukraine 2022 and Covid 19 pandemic 2020-2022 taking into account the latest research in the subject.

These two events, which completely changed the paradigm of ordinary people's actions, also had a strong clinical effect. We want to base our presentation on the comparison of our own clinical experiences (including case studies from our offices) and on the work of colleagues from The Association of Jungian Analysts in Poland.

Extreme times require us to be flexible, sensitive and able to embrace not only our own difficult emotions, but also the emotions of our patients. Based on the theory of Carl Gustav Jung, we can go further and try to meet these new challenges.

How do we deal with it using analytical method being developed at the beginning of the 20th century? How not to be burn while Temenos is on fire? Fire can be not only transforming factor, but also lead us to „burn-out syndrome”. How as Jungians can we deal with it?

We wish to show that the model of psychotherapy we represent is still up-to-date and gives opportunities to work with difficult emotions, moments of insight and moments of silence - where information reaches us practically without boundaries.

It is important to embrace any negative emotions in oneself to be able embrace them in patients as well, hoverer things get extremely challenging while our own - internal Temenos is in unprecedented flames of current situation. There is a highly valuable hypothesis, which we wish to embrace - that things can be taken care of using jungian methods of active imagination.


Jolanta Kowal has a Post-doctoral Degree in Social Sciences (dr hab., DSc) in the field of economics and finance, an assistant professor, researcher, and lecturer in the Institute of Psychology of Wroclaw University, and a professor of the Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland. As a Jungian analyst. Jolanta held functions in the Board of the Polish Chapter of the Association for Information Systems (PLAIS)) and in the Polish Association for Analytical Psychology (President 2013-2018, President Senior since 2018). Jolanta acted also as a professor (2004-2016), and vice-Rector of the College of Management “Edukacja” in Wrocław, Poland (2008-2015). She is a member of AIS, IEEE, the Polish Statistical Association, and the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP). Her research interests include managerial economics, organization and management, information systems, research methodology, psychology of management, analytical psychology, and cross-cultural research.

She has published in many journals and served as the conference and track co-chair for the America’s Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Management (ICTM), International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN), and European Conference on Management, Leadership, and Governance (ECMLG) Jolanta has given lectures related to her scientific and educational interests in the USA, in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia and in the UK. Jolanta gave over 60 conference papers. Jolanta has considerable experience in the preparation of teaching programs and materials, as well as extensive experience in conducting didactics at international universities. She also has vast experience in promoting master's theses (80 masters) and over 50 undergraduates. She also acted as a doctorate promoter.

Ewa Winkler is a certified Jungian analyst (IAAP), and a certified psychotherapist (PTPA), and has the qualifications of the IAAP training supervisor. Thanks to her academic studies, she obtained a master's degree in psychology and a master's degree in economics. She completed a course in analytical psychology at the Polish Society of Analytical Psychology (PTPA) and a training (routing) program of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), culminating in an exam in London.

She gained clinical experience during an internship at the Second Department of Psychiatry of the Medical University of Warsaw, Brodno Provincial Hospital in Warsaw, while co-running therapeutic groups for neurotic and neurotic-anxiety patients.

She is a founding member of The Association of Jungian Analysts in Poland (AJAP), Group Member of IAAP, the Polish Society of Analytical Psychology (PTPA) and a founding member of the Association of Jungian Analysts (SAJ).

She constantly improves her qualifications not only through practice, but also participation in additional training and workshops, as well as conferences and international congresses of analytical psychology. Her great passion is sharing the acquired knowledge and experience. Ewa has made speeches at conferences, conducting and co-conducting open lectures and training lectures as part of courses organized by the Polish Society of Analytical Psychology (PTPA). Currently, she conducts an individual practice in his own office in Warsaw in Polish and English and is preparing to open a doctoral dissertation at the University of Wroclaw.

Recent publications

  • „Innovation: Online Psychotherapy (OP) in Pandemic Era” 8th International Conference on ICT Management for Global Competitiveness and Economic Growth in Emerging Economies ICTM 2021 Wroclaw, Poland, October 26-28, 2021.
  • „Analytical psychotherapy (Jungian analysis) on-line during a pandemic” 5th Scientific Conference of the Polish Society for Gestalt Psychotherapy on-line February 25-26, 2022.


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