Ronnie Landau and Connie Romero

The Transgressive, Transformative Potential of Feminine Rage

‘Affect is Consciousness’

The Hidden Spring: A Journey to the Source of Consciousness

This co-presentation by two Jungian analysts explores the transformational potential of the often maligned and misunderstood affective experience of feminine rage. Through a dynamic combination of depth psychological and neuroscientific approaches, we explore the pressing need to consciously engage with this potentially terrifying yet transformational affect from both an individual and collective perspective.

A growing awareness of the troubled ethos of our time coupled with the complexity of cultural and socio-political trends world-wide facilitates an ethical and psychological imperative to do so.  As analytical psychologists, we observe directly from our consulting rooms the somatic depths of how feminine rage is alive in the psyches of women, men and non-cisgendered individuals. Feminine rage alerts us to the reality of things gone wrong in our world, inner and outer, and how we might consciously and creatively engage with collective oppression in ways that forward Jung’s notion of individuation rather than emphasizing psychopathology.

Our focus will be to attempt to weave integrative, somatic, and psychoanalytic perspectives, third-wave feminist theory and clinical case material to build a bridge to consciously dialogue with what we are calling “feminine rage”. The use of myth, new works of art and affective personal reflections will support our circumambulation of this topic. Our purpose in offering this presentation is to create a safe-enough, psychological, yet full bodied active engagement and discussion of feminine rage rather than aligning with positions that that support repression, fear, violence or shame.


Ronnie Landau MA, LPC, is an IAAP Certified Jungian Psychoanalyst practicing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a senior training analyst and supervisor with PAJA, Philadelphia Association of Jungian Analysts and Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. She is currently the President of CNASJA, Council of North American Society of Jungian Analysts. She has taught throughout the United States and Zurich Switzerland and is the author of The Queen of Sheba, The Exiled Erotic Feminine in Western Monotheism and Jungian Practice.

Constance Romero, LPC, is a Certified Jungian psychoanalyst practicing in New Orleans. She is a senior training analyst with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts, a clinical supervisor and Director of the New Orleans Jung Seminar. She is currently co-editor of the Clinical Commentaries for The Journal of Analytical Psychology and has taught Jungian psychology throughout the USA, Europe, and Indonesia. She has published articles and reviews in The Journal of Analytical Psychology, The International Journal of Jungian Studies, and Psychological Perspectives.


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