Cedrus Monte

Awe-Struck in Nature Do We Wander

Abstract title: Awe-Struck in Nature Do We Wander (30 min)

It could be argued that any true healing of neurosis would need to bring both spiritual life and the natural world to a new understanding. That is, we are perhaps still trying to solve the problem of healing on a too personal, psychological level.

Jung was deeply concerned over the loss of our connection with Nature, with the Great Mother. The word “matter” has become a purely intellectual concept. How different was the former image of matter — the Great Mother — which could convey profound emotional meaning. By wandering in Nature we begin to awaken to our primal, embodied connection to the Great Mother and feel the (emotional experiences of ) awe and gratitude that are ours to receive when we open to the beauty and mysteries that are an integral part of the natural world.

The recognition that Nature is not just a backdrop for recreational use, but a chalice for soul-deepening, is the beginning of creating connections that stir the soul, enliven our bodies and bring us into relationship with inter-being communion between human and other, thus engendering a more profoundly healing and primal connection with spirit and Nature.

The proposed presentation is inspired by walks in the surrounding forest of Zurich, documented over a period of a few years starting at a time when we were confined by the limitations imposed by Covid (which for some, spurred an ever deeper connection with the Great Mother, the natural world).

This presentation encourages us to connect with Nature where we are — in our backyard, in a neighborhood forest, in the wilderness — just as Jung did at Bolligen Tower. Part of the reclamation of Nature’s vital role to health and healing is seeing our natural surroundings through the eyes of wonder and through an experience of gratitude, love and awe. This is the intended purpose of Awe-Struck in Nature Do We Wander.


Jungian Analyst, graduate of the C. G. Jung Institute, Zürich (1996) IAAP/AGAP

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