Eileen Nemeth

Psyche and Body as Portal to the Senses and Sensual World in which We are Embedded

The fascination of the psyche brings about a new self-appraisal, a reassessment of our fundamental human nature. We can hardly be surprised if this leads to a rediscovery of the body after its long subjection to the spirit – we are even tempted to say that the flesh is getting its own back. (Jung, CW 10, par 195)

In this presentation, I will concentrate on three important topics; all, I believe, are relevant to the challenging times in which we live and present in every analytical process.

“Here and now” – We will explore the significance it plays, in knowing and placing us in reality; and, as the basis of embodied action, mindfulness and a consciousness of feeling in the moment. It defines us in space and time, therefore, gives us a boundaried, limited, unique body, which is the essence of differentiation. “….. the idea of the self, could not exist for one moment if there were not a body to create and maintain the distinctness.” (Jung, Nietzsche’s Zarathustra) “Feeling/emotions and knowledge”- It could be said that feelings and emotions are “prima facie” or first impressions of the experiential world and as we individuate, we must gain congruence between our emotions and our reflective judgement. The focus will be on the essentiality of our nature as psychophysical beings. Jung clearly saw thinking, feeling, sensing and intuiting as equal and needed in understanding and adapting to our world, gaining knowledge about yourself and the world you inhabit. (Jarrett, Feeling and Emotions) “Body in relationship” to oneself, other and world. We will reflect how Jung’s words about the self in relationship and its importance to our work and world today.

When we connect with the senses, including our sensible heart – for the heart is also a perceptive organ – we connect to all our neighbors and ultimately with all living things, by chemistry, by flesh and blood and by love. (Unknown source)


Eileen Nemeth, MA is a practicing Analytical Psychologist with a private practice in Zürich, Switzerland. Her work as a Psychotherapist and Analytical Psychologist combines her training as a Jungian Analyst and Dance Therapist. When not in her practice at the moment, she is organizing, with four other women, the Embodied Jung Conference, supervising analysts and dance therapists, and preparing lectures and writing. Until 2012 she was an active member and Training Analyst at ISAP Zürich.

Recent Publications

  • IAJS Conference Phoenix Arizona, USA; Jungian Perspectives on Rebirth and Renewal, 2014. “Symbols of Creation in Myth and Dreams. Directive, Orientative, Regenerative”
  • IAJS-IAAP Joint Conference Frankfurt, Germany, Indeterminate States: Transcultural, Transracial, Transgender, 2018 “Re-visioning Individuation: Opening to a Witness Consciousness”


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