John & Nada O’Brien

Emotion and organizations: Jungian Coaching & Consulting

When asked if there will be the third World War, Jung replied that ‘it depends on how many people can stand the tension of the opposites in themselves.’ (Hannah, 1976, p. 129) Only insofar as tensions of opposites are held can the alchemical fire safely charge the transformation process which gives birth to new consciousness and new cycles of life.

The purpose of the paper, written 75 years or a lifetime after the founding of the C.G. Jung Institute, is to stimulate appreciation of, and research into contemporary modalities and arenas of Jungian work. Jung wished for his analytical psychology to find expression not only in the clinic but also in all walks of life.

The challenges with which we are faced today are thematically similar to those during that period of history during which the C.G. Jung Institute was conceived, gestated and founded (1945 to 1953). The world is divided in so many ways. Cycles of conflict repeat, truth is elusive. 90 years after the publication of the Jungian book of the same theme, modern humanity remains ‘in search of a soul’.

In Jungian practice the retort for transformation was traditionally the analytical room.

There in now vibrant interest in Jungian coaching in several parts of the world. It is evidenced by a number of new publications and by demand from coaches and leaders expressing a need for new forms of safe space for reflection and processing emotion in organizational settings.

A review of the collective experience of seven CGJI graduates around the world who have researched and practiced in organizations (scientist/practitioner model) was published in 2021: O’Brien, N & O’Brien, J, The Professional Practice of Jungian Coaching: Corporate Analytical Psychology, Routledge.

This paper introduces the theoretical and practical framework of this new modality, its topics, scope, methods and research, dangers, challenges and safeguards, along with relevant case studies from professional practice illustrating the key points. A mapping of further multidisciplinary research and training, together with potential employment demands for Jungian analysts is outlined.


John O’Brien is working contemporaneously in private psychotherapeutic practice and organisational consultancy since the 1980s. John has over 30 years of psychoanalytic  and supervisory  experience in parallel with analytical depth psychology as a mentor and coach to boards and executive teams in major corporates in the UK, US, Europe and Asia.

John is a Psychoanalyst of the C.C. Jung Institute, Switzerland and a British trained MBA. He is co-founder and member of the GRUBB Advisory Board, working with marginalized groups in the Balkans. He is founder, proprietor and lead coach/trainer of a London based consulting firm applying depth psychological approaches to top teams in major retail and investment banks, Institutions (e.g. European Central Bank) Private Equity, Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear Energy, Information Technology, British national science research, and leading consulting firms in the UK, USA, Asia/Pac, Europe and Africa.

Nada O’Brien is an accredited Jungian analyst at the C. G. Jung Institute Zurich, university/Institute lecturer and a consultant. She has worked for more than 20 years with leaders and groups across a wide scope of industries, including the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Norwegian National Health Service, leading global financial services organisations in the UK, Europe and USA and marginalized children using Jungian approach. Nada lectures on Music and the Unconscious and Deep Music Pedagogy and together with John on Word Association Experiment. Nada has been leading international dream groups for 15 years. She is a published author and a researcher in the fields of analytic psychology, infant research, leadership, football and music.

Recent Publications with Nada O’Brien

  • O’Brien, N., & O’Brien, J. (Eds.): "The Professional Practice of Jungian Coaching: Corporate Analytical Psychology". London and New York: Routledge, 2021.
  • O’Brien, N., & O’Brien, J. (Eds.): "Analytical Psychology of Football: Professional Jungian Football Coaching". New York and London: Routledge, 2021.
  • O’Brien, N., & O’Brien, J. (Eds.): "Introduction to Deep Music Pedagogy".  Belgrade University of Arts 2022. Book proposal being submitted.


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