Natalia Pavlovskaya

Opus Magnum of the Collective Self in Times of War and Peace

The idea of special group work in the approach of Jungian analytical psychology was developed during the explosion of the activity of political, activism in Russian society last year. The peak of social instability created strong emotions of anger and libido, fear and delight, an impressive escalation of unification, solidarity and, at the same time, polarization in society. In practice, the group Self spectacularly began to build the process of a truly Opus Magnum. The catastrophe that erupted on February 24, 2022 deeply shocked everyone. Natalia decided to continue to apply the already tested Jungian principles of working with the collective psyche in this tragic situation.

The processes of active imagination, the collective living of images, which creates a common field for Opus Magnum in group work, has added new impressive aspects and examples of the healing power of such settings. The work with emotions in the Jungian approach, which includes active imagination, living with images, symbol creation, that can help maintain balance and curative connection with the Psyche in the chaos of uncertainty, helps to realize the hidden archetypal images and scenarios of society and politics. In a living process, a methodology for such work is created that can be shared with colleagues. It seems to be a wonderful way to deeply and constructively experience the connection between the collective, individual and archetypal processes, and that it will prove relevant for many societies in times of crisis and catastrophe.


Natalia was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine, where she graduated from an art school as a painter and a pedagogical institute as a teacher of fine arts. She then moved to Moscow to study and work in cinema. At the same time, she felt her vocation in psychology, graduated from the University and was drawn to a Jungian program, where she began a private practice. Natalia is a Jungian analyst, member of RSAP/IAAP and has a private practice in Moscow, but now, given the tragic political circumstances, is in the process of moving to her second homeland, Israel.

Natalia is also a dramaturge and the author of more than 40 scripts for movies and TV series. In addition, she is an associate professor at the University of Cinematography and the leader of the author’s training, supervision and research groups.

Recent Publications

  • "Death of Love or Love to Death in the Anima Mundi and in the collective Russian soul”. IAAP Congress, Buenos Aires, 2022.

  • "The mysticism of the analytical couple. Lessons of Kabbalah”. IAAP Congress, Berlin, 2021

  • "Collective feminine trauma at the aim of the Other. The abduction of Europe”. IAAP Congress, Avignon, 2018


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