Sonu Shamdasani – Keynote

The Emergence of Jung’s Myth: From the Black Books to the Protocols for Memories, Dreams, Reflections

In the prologue to Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung recounted that he had would now set out the "myth of my life". With the publication of the Black Books, we are now in a position to follow the emergence of this myth, and its subsequent elaboration, through to the Protocols for Memories, Dreams, Reflections. This talks charts this, in relation to his work as a whole.

Brief biography

Professor Sonu Shamdasani is Vice-Dean (Health) of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University College London, and Co-Director of the UCL Health Humanities Centre. He is the General Editor of the Philemon Foundation, and the author and editor of a dozen works, which have been translated into many languages.


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